Domain name is 16 years, 5 months, and 16 days old. It is ranked as site # 468 in the world's top 1,000 list. On average it has 7,820,000 visitors and 34,408,000 page views daily. Its front-end server (IP is located in France.

Icon G
DescriptionFree: ADSL Jusqu
Contact informationFree, 8 rue de la Ville l'Eveque, Paris, Ile de France, 75008, France, free


Page rank G7 out of 10
Popularity rank A468
Reach rank A462
User review A9 out of 10

Indexing & Referrals

# of sites linking to Free A2
Facebook referrals G7,362
Twitter referrals G2

Traffic statistics

Bounce rate (%) A

Global traffic rank A

Daily reach (% of worldwide users) A

Search visits (% of site's traffic) A

Average daily time on site (minutes) A

Page views (% of worldwide page views) A

Average daily page views per user A

Bounce rate, % A46.8%
Daily reach, % of worldwide users A0.46%
Search, as % of the total site traffic A17.8%
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Average daily time on site, minutes:seconds A3:33
Page views, % of worldwide page views A0.0187%
Average daily page views per user A4.4
Daily visitors E7,820,000
Daily page views E34,408,000
Most popular in AFrance (ranked in the country as # 10)

Domain Name Info W

Domain name age16 years, 5 months, and 16 days
CreatedMonday, 15th of March 1999
ChangedTuesday, 23rd of December 2008
Website front-end IP address212.27.48.10
Hosted inFrance
Top-level domain name (TLD).fr (France)
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status: ACTIVE
hold: NO
holder-c: FS2921-FRNIC
admin-c: ACP23-FRNIC
tech-c: TCP8-FRNIC
zone-c: NFC1-FRNIC
nsl-id: NSL11274-FRNIC
registrar: ONLINE SAS
Expiry Date: 23/12/2015
created: 15/03/1999
last-update: 23/12/2008
source: FRNIC

ns-list: NSL11274-FRNIC
nserver: []
nserver: []
source: FRNIC

registrar: ONLINE SAS
type: Isp Option 1
address: 8 Rue de la Ville l'Evêque
address: PARIS
country: FR
phone: +33 1 84 13 00 01
fax-no: +33 1 73 50 29 01
anonymous: NO
registered: 01/04/1999
source: FRNIC

nic-hdl: FS2921-FRNIC
contact: FREE SAS
address: 8, rue de la ville l'Eveque
address: 75008 Paris
country: FR
phone: +33 1 73 50 20 00
fax-no: +33 1 73 50 25 01
registrar: ONLINE SAS
changed: 04/04/2013
anonymous: NO
obsoleted: NO
eligstatus: ok
eligdate: 23/12/2008 00:00:00
source: FRNIC

nic-hdl: ACP23-FRNIC
type: ROLE
contact: Administrative Contact for ProXad
address: Free SAS / ProXad
address: 8, rue de la ville l'Eveque
address: 75008 Paris
country: FR
phone: +33 1 73 50 20 00
fax-no: +33 1 73 50 25 01
trouble: Information:
trouble: Spam/Abuse requests:
admin-c: RA999-FRNIC
tech-c: NH1184-FRNIC
registrar: ONLINE SAS
changed: 17/02/2004
anonymous: NO
obsoleted: NO
source: FRNIC

nic-hdl: TCP8-FRNIC
type: ROLE
contact: Technical Contact for ProXad
address: Free SAS / ProXad
address: 8, rue de la ville l'Eveque
address: 75008 Paris
country: FR
phone: +33 1 73 50 20 00
fax-no: +33 1 73 50 25 01
trouble: Information:
trouble: Spam/Abuse requests:
admin-c: RA999-FRNIC
tech-c: NH1184-FRNIC
registrar: ONLINE SAS
changed: 17/02/2004
anonymous: NO
obsoleted: NO
source: FRNIC

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